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Courageou$ Money

Your Adventure Through Money National Park™

Changing the way we TALK about MONEY,

One story at a time.

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Foreword by 'The Moneyist'

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"If your life was a movie, how would you like it to end? 

“Comfortably” is not a bad answer. “Happily” is another acceptable one. We want to avoid “ominously” or “dramatically.” You don’t want an ending where you wonder, ‘I have no idea what’s going to happen next!’ We should all get to choose the ending we deserve, and we do choose it — with every small and big decision we make. The trick as a good writer/director is to make smart decisions to lead us to that Hollywood ending. If we can’t imagine the ending we deserve perhaps we have not realized what’s at stake. For that, we must start at the beginning. 

Amy Zehnder and Cindy Coe’s book Courageous Money: Your adventure through Money National Park does just that by getting us to think differently about our own journey. They are the producers of the movie they would like you, the reader, to write and direct. This book is entertaining and informative, sure, but like all good movies it has a bigger, more important message. Zehnder and Coe want you to learn more about why we do the things we do, and what we can learn from them..."

Quentin Fottrell is the Moneyist advice columnist, advising readers on the ethics and etiquette of their financial affairs, and the Personal Finance Editor for MarketWatch. 

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