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Courageous Money: Your Adventure Through Money National Park

By: Amy Zehnder & Cindy Coe

Money is the number one taboo topic of conversation. Courageous Money is a fun way for you to learn how to talk about money by identifying when and where you learned the value of money, and how these experiences impact your life. Everybody has a relationship with money! Courageous Money helps you to understand where your early money messages came from and how they drive the majority of your behaviors and interactions. The book will take you on an adventure through Money National Park, where you will tour the attractions and imagine your own money story, based on your life experiences. Money National Park is designed to help you recall your personal money movie, scene by scene, sharing the pertinent stories and life experiences that contributed to your money messages. Ultimately, making you more comfortable talking about money, one story at a time. We encourage you to go on this journey with others!

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